Racing games

Asphalt 9 (£free + IAP)

There are two ways to approach racing games: you can recreate ‘reality’ by crafting a ‘simulation’ and making the tracks very grey; or you can go crazy. Asphalt takes the latter route.

In this unhinged nitro-fest, you belt along at breakneck speeds, regularly catapulting your car into the air in a manner totally unacceptable under your insurance plan. And you don’t even need to steer. Although you can go traditional for controls, Asphalt by default pulls a Super Mario Run, urging you to swipe and prod to time actions (jumps; nitros; drifts), while the game itself points you in the right direction.

It shouldn’t work. It really does. Only avoid if you’re grumpy, old, and hate breezy arcade lawks.

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Touchgrind BMX 2 (free + IAP)

Most trials games have you trying to coax a rider along lumpy side-scrolling circuits – without landing them on their head. Touchgrind BMX 2, though, pretty much puts you in the saddle.

The viewpoint is from above your bike, and you use two digits to, respectively, control the handlebars and seat. When your bike’s hurled into the air (which happens frequently), you perform a dazzling airborne choreography by way of flicks and swipes.

At least you do after a while. At first, Touchgrind BMX 2 is crash city; but commit the stunts and tracks to memory, and this cracker will cement itself in your brain as a wheelie good Android title.

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