Puzzle and match games

The best puzzle or match game for Android is... There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (£4.89)

It’s not often you launch a game only for it to insist that there is no game, and that you should go and do something else instead. Having just spent a fiver, you might decide otherwise and start poking around. Via a deft mix of prodding, swiping and shaking your device, things start happening – weird things.

To say precisely what these weird things are would erode the game’s surprises, which are frequent and grin-inducing. Suffice to say that a combination of a perfectly executed script, clever riffs on gaming, and genuinely smart puzzles, make for an Android classic that’s nothing short of unmissable. If you don’t buy and enjoy this one, There Is No Hope (for you).

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Gorogoa (£3.79)

Gorogoa is a game that messes with your head – and any sense of time and place you might assume would stay put in a four-by-four grid of animated comic book panels. That’s because these panels can be manipulated and overlaid, to create new pathways through a wordless story packed full of mystery and beauty.

Naturally, this works best on a larger display, but even on a decent-sized Android blower, Gorogoa has the gaming chops to smack your brains in, massage your imagination, and in a few key set pieces, give your arcade smarts and dexterity a stern test. Top-notch stuff.

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unmemory (£5.99)

For a game that starts off looking like a conventional illustrated book – albeit one with one long scrolling page per chapter – unmemory wryly plays with convention to the point it gives your brain whiplash. It all clicks when you hear a distant phone, realise you spotted one earlier, scroll upwards and answer it.

At that point, you realise the entire scrolling pane is an interconnected net of puzzles – a narrative book-like spin on the room escape genre. It’s a game that gleefully thrives in the grey area between mediums, playing with the very nature of what narrative text, interactive puzzles and videogames can be.

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Dissembler (£2.99)

A match game with a penchant for abstract minimalism, Dissembler does away with gems, instead having you swap flat tiles. As ever, the aim is to match three or more, whereupon the tiles vanish. Only no new tiles take their place, and your ultimate aim is to transform the pattern before you into a blank canvas.

Rather than an arty Bejeweled, then, Dissembler is more a marriage of match mechanics and tricky puzzling, where you must figure out the precise sequence of moves that will lead you to victory. Pitch-perfect controls and infinite undos give you a fighting chance, but this Android puzzler will nonetheless be punching your brain in the face for weeks.

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