Puzzle and match games

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (£4.89)

It’s not often you launch a game only for it to insist that there is no game, and that you should go and do something else instead. Having just spent a fiver, you might decide otherwise and start poking around. Via a deft mix of prodding, swiping and shaking your device, things start happening – weird things.

To say precisely what these weird things are would erode the game’s surprises, which are frequent and grin-inducing. Suffice to say that a combination of a perfectly executed script, clever riffs on gaming, and genuinely smart puzzles, make for an Android classic that’s nothing short of unmissable. If you don’t buy and enjoy this one, There Is No Hope (for you).

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Gorogoa (£3.79)

Gorogoa is a game that messes with your head – and any sense of time and place you might assume would stay put in a four-by-four grid of animated comic book panels. That’s because these panels can be manipulated and overlaid, to create new pathways through a wordless story packed full of mystery and beauty.

Naturally, this works best on a larger display, but even on a decent-sized Android blower, Gorogoa has the gaming chops to smack your brains in, massage your imagination, and in a few key set pieces, give your arcade smarts and dexterity a stern test. Top-notch stuff.

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Railroad Ink Challenge (£3.99)

Board games bang on and are rarely fun to play alone. Railroad Ink Challenge is different, marrying brevity and a first-rate single-player challenge that’s endlessly replayable.

Across seven rounds, you roll dice to select route pieces. These are duly connected to points at the edge of the board. By connecting roads and railway lines, you ramp up your score. The game’s further complicated by way of bonuses and special tiles like factories and universities.

Your first few goes will meet with bafflement, but once it clicks, Railroad Ink Challenge is a board game puzzler you can squeeze into an odd five-minutes – but that can also keep you chuffed well into the wee small hours, trying to improve your high score.

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