Platform games

The best platform game for Android is... Oddmar (free + £3.69)

If ever there’s a game that proves you can have console-quality platforming larks on mobile, it’s Oddmar. The backstory involves the kidnapping of your tribe, and ingesting magic mushrooms to attain ’special powers’ (uh-huh). Our beardy hero then sets out to save his kin.

From the start, it’s clear this is something special. Pitch-perfect gestural controls (on-screen buttons are available for luddites) enable you to work your way through lush, varied scenery. An early Indiana Jones escape from a determined rolling boulder, and then frantically fleeing from a screen-high troll, are merely indicators of the brilliance in store throughout Oddmar’s entire length. In short: buy it.

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Mushroom 11 (£4.89)

Calling Mushroom 11 a platform game, while technically accurate, doesn’t get to the heart of it. In the glow of an irradiated wasteland, a self-multiplying blob of green gunk lurks. Touch one side of its mass and it’s burned away, quickly regrowing on the other side. Well done: you have discovered how to move.

But that’s just the beginning, in a game that forces you to jump between simple puzzles (slice up the blob, have one bit flick a switch, so the remaining part can squeeze through a gap) to intense boss battles.

It’s maddeningly difficult at times, although there are plenty of restart points. But Mushroom 11’s unconventional nature and touchscreen smarts nonetheless ensure it’s an essential purchase – especially for anyone bored of games featuring yet more humanoids leaping about and grabbing coins.

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GRIS (£4.19)

Poor Gris has lost her voice and tumbled into a world of ruins, devoid of colour. It’s down to you to bring back what’s been lost. In terms of mechanics, GRIS is a pretty straightforward platform puzzler – explore; find objects to unlock barriers; continue. Where it wows is in its artistry.

This game’s world feels like a work of art. It’s packed with intricate details and painterly wonder. Delicate animations and amusing incidents pepper your quest – as do occasionally harrowing events. The stirring score further heightens your emotions at all the right moments in this visually arresting mobile masterpiece.

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