The best arcade game for Android is... Forget-Me-Not (£1.79)

This one feels like someone mashed-up the best bits from classic arcade games and squeezed the result into your Android device. Your little square scoots about neon mazes, shooting, eating flowers, and trying to grab a key to unlock a hitherto hidden exit. Meanwhile, enemies periodically beam in and start wrecking the place.

Some pursue you with all the determination of the most fervent Pac-Man ghost, but most of Forget-Me-Not’s denizens are perfectly content kicking seven shades out of each other. Games often involve trying to negotiate the destruction occurring all around you, grab lurking bonuses, and somehow escape intact. It’s breezy, intense and brilliant.

Many titles evoke the feel and fun of retro games, but Forget-Me-Not is a rare example that equals the very best. With randomised mazes and several modes, it’ll keep any fan of old-school gaming grinning for weeks.

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Drop Wizard (£2.99)

Classic arcade games and slippy touchscreens rarely gel. But Drop Wizard has been cleverly reimagined for smartphones. The set-up echoes single-screen platform classics Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, having you dart about, giving roaming enemies a kicking. The twist: this magician can’t stop running.

The lack of full control or even a jump button initially confounds. But by limiting you to sprinting left and right, carefully timing leaps to blast magic upon landing, mastery depends on cracking each level’s choreography. It’s a pitch-perfect mix of old and new.

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