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Entertainment and distractions (continued)

Attenborough’s Story of Life

David Attenborough is a broadcasting legend. It’s fitting, then, that this app is a bit of all right as well. It draws on Attenborough’s decades of work travelling the planet and coming face to face with everything from gorillas to ferocious sharks. In all, you can delve into over 1000 of the greatest wildlife moments ever filmed.

The man himself shows up in the odd intro, and there are hidden films to find, recorded exclusively for the app. Mostly, though, this is about settling back to revel in all of the amazing creatures our little ball of mud has brought into being, from tiny lizards to gigantic whales.

Attenborough’s Story of Life


Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was one video format to rule them all, like MP3 is to music? Well, dream on... Until that day you’ll be thankful for VLC, which aims to play every video format you’ll ever encounter. If you like to source your movies from varied locations, you’ll find this one of the most useful apps on your phone or tablet. It’s ad-free and doesn’t try to harvest all your personal data either, which makes a nice change.

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TuneIn Radio

Take a break from the endless banality of UK radio and tune in to a different point of view or musical selection. So long as you have a half-decent data connection, this app will tickle your ears with audio streams from all over the world, browsable by location, genre or what’s trending. It also works as an on-demand podcast player. It’s brilliant for in-car entertainment, so long as you have a data contract that can take the strain. 

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