The 40 best Apple Watch apps (that we’re actually using)

The best Apple Watch essentials and travel apps

Everyday essentials you need to install, along with apps that ensure you won’t get lost at home or abroad.

Citymapper (£free)

On the iPhone, Citymapper is fantastic, giving you point-to-point directions for a range of supported cities, and location-based public transport details and alerts. The Apple Watch app is equally good, offering rapid access to favourite places, and information about nearby trains, buses, ferries and more.

Journey steps are clearly outlined, providing all the assistance you need, such as times of upcoming trains, stops on your route, and tiny maps that link through to Apple’s Maps app. We just wish it could somehow magically work for every town and city in the world rather than just the handful of (mainly) capitals it's currently set up for.

Download Citymapper

PB: Lost Phone Alert for Watch (£4.99)

Apple’s Find My is great, but a better bet would be to avoid losing your gadgets in the first place. With PB (‘Phone Buddy’), you can define alerts that have your iPhone shriek for its life should you wander off and abandon it – and the same for your Apple Watch.

Fortunately, there are plenty of set-up options, meaning you can define how far you must go before everything starts blaring, and turn off alerts when on home Wi-Fi, so your iPhone doesn’t deafen everyone nearby when you head to the kitchen for a biscuit.

Download Phone Buddy

iTranslate (£free + IAP)

Although it’s not quite like having a tiny translator taped to your wrist, iTranslate can quickly find translations for whatever you utter (or scribble) into it; and it can also speak (through your Apple Watch) to help with pronunciation.

Go ‘pro’ (a month costs £4.99) and you can use an offline mode on your phone. The app also has a clever Complication, which shows a greeting for the current time of day, and displays previous translations when you twiddle the Digital Crown to use the watchOS Time Travel feature.

Download iTranslate

Deliveries (£4.99 per year)

We’ve a sneaking suspicion the average Stuff reader buys quite a lot of amazing kit. The problem is, when you purchase something online, you don’t want an expensive gadget hanging about on your doorstep all day – or unceremoniously hurled over your fence.

Deliveries gives you a fighting chance of being there to meet your latest package. Tracked shipments are displayed alongside a countdown that details when it’ll arrive. Depending on the shipper, you may even get to see on a little map where your box of goodies is as it wings its way towards your home.

Download Deliveries

Pennies (£3.99)

In our experience, pennies aren’t so much the problem when it comes to budgeting – pounds are (and often, lots of them). If you get to the end of the month and wonder where all your money went, weld Pennies to your wrist.

You set up lists, allocate a budget, and then input values when you spend or receive some cash. And if you want to be constantly guilted by your Apple Watch, Pennies can show your ongoing budget as a Complication.

Download Pennies

MultiTimer (£free)

Although Apple’s Timer has a moniker in the singular, it does in fact store multiple timers – including custom ones. However, they’re devoid of context, and you can only run one at once. Not so with MultiTimer.

Set up your timers in the iPhone app, and each is then displayed on your Apple Watch with a colour, label and icon. You can run as many timers as you like, and their progress is seamlessly synced across devices.

Download MultiTimer