33 secret WhatsApp tricks you (probably) didn't know about

16) Make calls

WhatsApp is more than just a run-of-the-mill instant messenger: you can use it to make calls too.

How: Hit the Calls tab along the top or bottom of the app (depending on whether you're on iOS or Android), then click on the person you want to call. Alternatively, on Android, you can click on a person's name in a chat and then call them via the pop-up box. Be aware the quality of the call will be very reliant on your data signal, and so calling when on wi-fi is hugely recommended.

17) Instantly add dates to your calendar

It’s easy to forget appointments when you’re a busy bee. You make vague plans for drinks, settle on a date, then promptly forget about it as the conversation rolls on. This handy little shortcut makes sure you commit to an appointment.

How: This one's currently iOS-only, but you might’ve noticed that whenever anyone mentions a date in a WhatsApp message it automatically gets underlined and highlighted in blue. Just tap it and you’ll be given the option to immediately create an event on that date in your calendar, so there’s no longer any excuse for forgetting. It’ll also recognise words like ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’.

18) Reply to messages on your laptop

You know what’s better than replying to WhatsApp messages on your phone? Doing it on a proper keyboard. And this one also has the added benefit of not using up any data. Well, assuming you're at work, not any data you're paying for.

How: Go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer’s web browser, fire up the app on your phone and scan the QR code that pops up via the WhatsApp Web/Desktop option in Settings. Voila. Then commence chatting on the sly without downloading anything. Handy, and also very, very distracting.

19) Save data on calls

Making calls via WhatsApp is a very convenient feature, but it can also consume a lot of data. Thankfully, there's a new option to help those of us with data shortage problems.

How: In the Data and Storage Usage menu (Data Usage on Android) you can toggle a setting labeled Low Data Usage, which, as you might have guessed, cuts down the amount of data used when making phone calls. 

20) Pin popular group chats

If there’s one group chat you use more than any other you can make sure it’s always at the top of the list by pinning it there. 

How: On the main Chat menu, find the one you want to pin then, on iOS, swipe to the right; on Android, you do a long press then click the pin icon up top. That way you’ll never have to scroll through a bunch of others looking for it.

21) Quote messages in your reply

Group chats can get pretty hectic very quickly, and by the time you've typed your reply, what you were referring to can be as good as chat history. To give your reply the context it deserves, you can quote the message it is in response to and restore a bit of order among the chaos.

How: On iOS, simply swipe right on the message you want to respond to. On Android, press and hold the message you want to reply to, and click Reply from the pop-up menu. In both cases, the quoted message will appear in a preview above the text input box.

22) Mark messages as unread

If you have a habit of reading messages but forgetting to reply, mark them as unread so you remember to come back to them later. 

How: In iOS, just swipe any of your chats to the right (like you do to pin them) and a blue dot will appear next to them. It’ll disappear next time you open the message, or you can repeat the process to unmark it. Android users can achieve the same thing by long-pressing on a chat, then selecting Mark as Unread from the top-right menu.

23) Keep messages secret

Theoretically, all messages on WhatsApp are private - but not when you leave your phone on the table, and a new message notification pops up. However there is a way to turn off the preview part of the message, so the notification only reveals who's messaged you but not what they're messaging you about. 

How: Go to Settings, then Notifications, and disable Show Preview. Now you can gossip in peace.