Tetris Blitz

You snooze, you lose. Literally. If you thought the original Tetris was unforgivingly hard, you’ll cry at how punishing Tetris Blitz is. Two minutes. That’s all you get to rack up an insane high scores. On the bright side, you get power-ups such as a supercharged laser to wipe out blocks.

Download Tetris Blitz here

Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes

Doodle Jump is a mobile classic, and while DC Super Heroes doesn't reinvent the classic upward hopping routine, it adds a charming Batman theme to the proceedings. You'll still bounce between platforms, dodging hazards and now tossing your batarang to bash enemies, with an eye towards setting a high score. A small banner ad appears during play, but you can banish it with a one-time purchase.

Download Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes here

Where’s My Water? 2

You don’t need a degree in rocket science to give Swampy a bath; just a little ingenuity with the digging. Aim the water in the right direction, avoiding various traps and obstacles, and you’ll eventually end up with a clean alligator. Question is, do alligators really need a shower?

Download Where's My Water? 2 here

Cut the Rope 2

Om Nom's latest physics-based puzzle adventure is free on Windows Phone, challenging you to solve more than 160 levels by guiding the candy to the green alien creature. You'll slice string, pop balloons, and utilize an array of new allies to help you solve each task, all of which keeps things fresh throughout the quest. Paying for perks takes some of the sting out of the tougher stages, but the core action still amuses.

Download Cut the Rope 2

Temple Run 2

Run. Run as fast as your scrawny little legs can. Because if you don’t, you’ll be monkey food. This endless runner truly tests your reaction as you swipe to jump across deadly chasms, dive under fiery traps and dodge left or right on those harrowing cliffs of death.

Download Temple Run 2 here