Blitz Brigade

Like most Gameloft games, Blitz Brigade isn't remarkably original in design: it looks and acts a lot like Valve's cartoonish Team Fortress 2. But on Windows Phone, it's easily the best free option around for multiplayer shootouts. The first-person action is smooth and entertaining, and while balance issues come with the freemium territory and you'll wait to respawn without paying up, Blitz Brigade is still plenty of fun.

Download Blitz Brigade here

Snake Rewind

The original Snake mobile game appeared on Nokia phones, so it's fitting that this sequel – devised by the guy who designed the earlier one – is found on Windows handsets. Snake is as it ever was, sending your digital creature out to eat every piece of fruit in sight without hitting a wall or the back end of its own body. But now you can undo an unfortunate outcome, as well as spend in-game currency on content and perks.

Download Snake Rewind here

Disney Crossy Road

We tend not to put the same franchise twice on the same list, but Disney Crossy Road shakes up the formula enough to feel distinct.

While you're still hopping across roads and rivers, this official Disney twist delivers several different worlds – based on Toy Story, The Lion King, and more – each with its own rules and obstacles. And with more than 100 licensed Disney heroes and villains to unlock, you might keep playing for ages.

Download Disney Crossy Road here

Twins Minigame

We've all played mobile side-scrollers where you're leaping over spikes and other hazards, but Twins Minigame shakes up the design a bit. Here, your ball scrolls ever upwards, and you have to tap to jump and hold down for a longer leap. There are two sides that you can switch between, based on the obstacles and rewards ahead, and things get really hectic later when you have to control two balls at once.

Download Twins Minigame here

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack might not push your device to the limits – it's mostly text and menus, after all – but it's a reliable source of entertainment for anyone who has a lot of seemingly useless knowledge.

The free-to-play sensation is essentially Trivial Pursuit without need for a board and plastic pieces, pitting you against an online foe for a 25-round brain-off. It's all the fun of pub trivia without the bill (or the booze).

Download Trivia Crack here