The 25 Xbox One games that every collection needs


After 25 years of gradual evolution, we're unlikely to see any sort of revolutionary change from EA Sports' footie franchise – but FIFA 19 definitely nails the atmosphere of the beautiful game like never before. That's thanks in large part to the newly-acquired Champions League license and all the familiar elements and polish that come along with that.

Elsewhere, FIFA 19 shows solid enhancement from the last edition, including less-frantic gameplay, even better passing, and new depth to attacking play. Online battles can still be a bit overly frenetic, but overall there's still no better representation of football today. Soak it in.

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Gears of War 4

Halo 5: Guardians might not have been the most rousing Xbox One return for one of Microsoft's flagship shooter series, but that's not a problem with Gears of War 4. It's the same old song and dance, for the most part, albeit with an incredible level of polish and pure, dumb fun.

Gears 4 picks up 25 years after the last numbered entry, as new hero JD Fenix continues where dad Marcus left off, wielding the chainsaw-bladed Lancer for the future of mankind. Frantic stop-and-pop shooting paired with dazzling graphics help this old favourite feel fresh again.


Celeste looks like a long-lost Super Nintendo game pulled from some vault in 2018, but in truth, this new indie game has been hailed by many as a modern masterpiece.

Madeline is the small sprite heroine, and she's attempting to climb the treacherous Celeste Mountain while also battling depression and anxiety, which manifest themselves in the emotional dialogue and even mission design. That gives a relatable edge to the quest, but Celeste also soars on the back of its pitch-perfect platforming, which is tough but designed to drop you back into the action immediately so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Don't make the mistake of overlooking one of the Xbox One's best digital picks.

Dead Cells

You'll find a couple of other awesome side-scrolling games on this list, as the Xbox One hosts throwbacks just as well as big, 3D, AAA endeavours – but Dead Cells might be the best of 'em.

Dead Cells looks like a glossier old-school gem, but the chaotic combat takes its influence straight from the Dark Souls series – so it's challenging and requires precision, but is also immensely satisfying. This roguelike game punishes with permanent death, forcing you to start your prison escape all over again each time, but gradual upgrades and enhancements hold over between attempts, making you better and better over the long haul.