21. Badland

Richer and more satisfying than Flappy Bird, but with a similar kind of harsh edge to its flap-based platform action, Badland sees your fuzzy creature try to get through brutal, hazard-filled obstacle courses by cloning itself, snagging power-ups, and expanding and contracting in size.

It's a marvelous game to look at – even on a small screen – with gorgeous artwork and bold colouring, but the gameplay is quite stellar to match.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £3.09

Download Badland here

22. Snake Rewind

One of the most-played mobile games of all time – Nokia's Snake – is back in a modernised sequel from the original creator, letting you chomp up digital fruit while trying not to bash into barriers (or yourself). It comes with some new flourishes, including various themed levels and the titular rewind ability, but the free-to-play model isn't aggressive and the simple fun remains enjoyable.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £free

Download Snake Rewind here

23. Skulls of the Shogun

While no longer exclusive to Windows Phone on the mobile side of things, Skulls Of The Shogun remains an enthralling turn-based tactical strategy affair which sees you pit bands of undead samurai against each other in the afterlife.

It's a rich, complex affair that you can sink a lot of time into, but be prepared for a serious challenge along the way. Also, sadly, it hasn't been updated in a while, so it looks a bit fuzzy.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £3.49

Download Skulls Of The Shogun here

24. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga may be the poster child for aggressive free-to-play design, but once you dig in, this icon-matching puzzler becomes incredibly difficult to resist. It's finally available on Windows Phone, packing in several hundred stages and varying play mechanics along the way. Granted, if you're rubbed raw by in-app purchase prompts and social prodding, steer clear. But if you can patiently tolerate such annoyances, Candy Crush is quite amusing.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £free

Download Candy Crush Saga here

25. Contre Jour

It's a few years old, so Contre Jour may have faded from the minds of some mobile gamers, but this is one still well worth experiencing – whether it's a repeat trip or your very first voyage.

This physics puzzler has you navigating stages to collect glowing orbs by manipulating the ground, using slingshots and portals, and finding other crafty ways to get around. Moreover, the art style is eye-catching and the soundtrack is absolutely stunning.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £2.29

Download Contre Jour here