16. Into the Dead

Boarding a helicopter probably seems as good an idea as any when the zombie uprising begins, but what happens when it crash-lands in a field in the middle of nowhere? You run, obviously, and that's the premise of Into The Dead.

It puts a tense first-person spin on the endless runner genre, challenging you to dodge undead attackers for as long as you can, with weapons and other perks helping your cause.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £0.79

Download Into the Dead here

17. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

While an unabashed "tribute" to Call Of Duty, Gameloft's Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour nonetheless offers terrific online multiplayer fun with sterling production values - well, for a mobile game, at least. The campaign offers solid enjoyment too, but it's in the online showdowns that the game really shines. Zero Hour is the better overall package, but the newer Modern Combat 5 is a solid substitute.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £4.49

Download Modern Combat 4 here

18. Temple Run 2

With more than a billion downloads under its belt, chances are that you've played the Temple Run series at some point. If not, well, there's a rather good reason why it's so popular: it's a lot of fun, and it's totally free. This behind-the-back endless runner channels Indiana Jones as it sends you scurrying away from monsters along winding paths. Swipes help you survive, but the pace picks up very quickly.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £free

Download Temple Run 2 here

19. Terraria

Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is finally available on Windows Phone, but Terraria remains a very good alternative. It's basically the 2D version of Minecraft, letting you dig into the earth to find resources and treasure – but also quite a bit more. Wild bosses and weird locales are found underground, plus you can build elaborate structures on the surface. Either way, it's engrossing.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £3.49

Download Terraria here

20. Leo's Fortune

Unlike console side-scrollers awkwardly ported to mobile, Leo's Fortune began life on a touch screen, and as such plays very well with taps and swipes. The fuzzy hero can slide down slopes, inflate to float and stay put in tight gaps, and smash down to earth and break through barriers.

That combination of skills works well in these attractive platform stages, delivering a standout adventure that plays excellently on your phone or tablet.

Stuff says ✭✭✭ Price £3.89

Download Leo's Fortune here