The 25 best Nintendo Switch games


A tough as nails 2D platformer about living with anxiety, Celeste might not scream 'fun' in the same way Super Mario Odyssey does but this charming tale about climbing a mountain aboslutely ranks as a Nintendo Switch essential. The key is in its simplicity with each level being divided into bite-sized chunks that you'll fail at over and over until finding your way across a seemingly insurmountable crevasse. The further towards the summit, the more challenging things get and the more powers you'll amass to help you acheive the seemingly impossible.

Combined with a charming 16-bit art style and some exhilirating level design, Celeste adds up to an absolute gem of a game. And if things get too tough? There are some genius features you can turn on to make your journey easier.


Haven't heard of Undertale? Fair enough – this retro-style role-player definitely looks like a niche game. However, after ravenous word of mouth, glowing critical reviews, and now millions of copies sold, it's fair to say that Toby Fox's little game is a pretty serious sensation.

Dubbed "the friendly RPG where nobody has to die," Undertale looks like an 8-bit NES game but has a style and personality all its own, including the ability to skip fights and spare your enemies. Despite the lo-fi aesthetic, the hilarious and affecting narrative makes it a must-play.