The 25 best Nintendo Switch games


Remember Donkey Konga? Thumper is the exact opposite of that bongo-bashing extravaganza, but every bit as brilliant. A rhythm game that’s stacked to the max with horrifying visuals and tribal undulations, it’ll have you hooked from the off and scare off any little ones who fancy a go.

In eschewing the usual playlist of years-old pop bangers and wedding disco classics Thumper carves its own unique niche, marrying it with a simple control scheme. Fear not, you’ll soon be cursing out loud as you crash into barriers and are smashed into oblivion. Thanks to a perfectly judged learning curve and the rush that comes with mastering each level you’ll never be stuck for too long. For what this game lacks in percussion-loving apes, it makes up for in visceral thrills.

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Stardew Valley

A farming simulator might sound awfully dull – and truly, the actual Farming Simulator series is – but anyone who fell in love with Harvest Moon ages ago knows otherwise. And those folks and plenty more will probably adore Stardew Valley, as well, as the indie phenomenon builds from the same kind of core formula.

Stardew Valley is about managing crops and animals and living off of the land, sure, but it's also about living a virtual life in a compelling, retro-fied world. You'll build skills over time, enter the local community and help it thrive and expand, and search for treasure in an enormous cave. You can even find love… or just go fishing. It's your time, after all.

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