The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (£25)

Lego games are known for their mindless, smile-inducing fun, and what better pairing for that formula than Star Wars? It's worked multiple times over the years, and while we don't yet have a Last Jedi iteration, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still plenty compelling.

It's all about blasting and smashing brick-based enemies and locations as you play through the movie's storyline, complete with goofy cut-scenes that poke fun at the familiar tale. Also, this Lego entry offers up bonus missions that delve deeper into hanging story threads from the film, making it almost a critical companion piece… or just a silly smash-'em-up. It's fun, however you look at it.

Download Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens from Steam

Donut County (£10.29)

Donut County feels like it's cut from the same cloth as Katamari Damacy: both offer compelling and atypical ways of interacting with the world around you and both are deeply, wonderfully weird.

But unlike that console cult classic, Donut County does have you roll up everything in the world into a giant ball – it lets you control an ever-growing hole in the ground, which swallows more and more as it swells. Add in hilarious dialogue, an obnoxious raccoon buddy, and an entire town dropped underground, and Donut County makes a memorable mess of things.

Download Donut County from Steam

Battle Chef Brigade (£15.49)

We've seen games blend puzzle and role-playing mechanics before, but Battle Chef Brigade tops 'em all by then tossing in cooking game elements and even button-mashing brawling.

Yes, really: Battle Chef Brigade is a strange concoction, much like those you'll cook up in the game – and like those can be on your best days, the game is also rather appetising.

You're taking part in a fantasy cooking competition, and you'll prepare dishes by matching elemental gems and securing ingredients by beating beasts to a pulp. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but it all adds up into something unexpectedly special.

Download Battle Chef Brigade here from Steam


Two Point Hospital (£25)

Hospitals are rarely places built for laughs, but Sega's Two Point Hospital sees things differently. This lighthearted sim lets you assemble your own healthcare facility from scratch, fill it with doctors and nurses, bring in experimental new tech, and keep everything humming along.

It's a spiritual successor to 1997's classic Theme Hospital, but even if you didn't play that gem, there's plenty to like here. After all, with illnesses like "cubism" on the rise, how can you resist being the doctor who helps put a stop to that pandemic?

Download Two Point Hospital from Steam

XCOM 2 (£35)

Aliens rule the earth. Society seems shiny and great, but dissenters are bumped off like it's 1984. Welcome to the world of XCOM 2: a strategy title where the remaining members of a tiny resistance force must battle to rally troops and face-off against their alien overlords.

Blending classical strategic planning, tactics and development with gripping combat interactions - all in visually rich detail - XCOM is one strategy game that won't leave you bored. Throw in new enemies and an immersive story and XCOM 2 is destined to steal hours, if not days, of your life.

Better yet, there's a whole community behind XCOM 2 developing mods that make it even better.