The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

Farming Simulator 17 (£20)

The title says it all, really - but don't go thinking this is just some crop-cutting bore-fest. See, the FS series has captured the imagination of the internet, which means there's a whole host of mods out there - as well as a barrage of YouTube videos - which make it a real sack of laughs.

Head into FS 17's online multiplayer mode and you can expect carnage, as combine harvesters, tractors and the rest wreak havoc in fields of sunflowers, soy beans and more.

This edition delivers new vehicles, environments, animals and more - so there are even more ways to get flat cap happy.


Half-Life 2 (£7)

Yes, it was originally released in 2004 - but that doesn't stop Half-Life 2 being an all-time great adventurer, and that remains very much the case on this Mac port.

Playing as scientist-turned-saviour-of-humanity Gordon Freeman, it's all on you to fend off the aliens infesting the planet. Deploy your wits and weapons - including the immense gravity gun - to free humanity, while enjoying the award-winning physics, graphics and human emotions which made Half-Life 2 such a success.

At £6.99, it's a steal - and the perfect thing to keep you occupied until Half-Life 3 is confirmed. Which will probably be sometime in the 22nd century.

Download Half-Life 2 from Steam

Motorsport Manager (£25)

Reckon you're the next Briatore? Think you could trump EJ? Put your mettle to the test with Motorsport Manager - probably the best racing management simulator that's ever been made.

Originally a beautifully realised smartphone game, it's now hit the Mac - among other platforms - with greater depth, richer graphics and generally more addictive gameplay.

From founding a team to hiring and firing drivers, tweaking car setups to making in-race calls that could make or break your championship, Motorsport Manager is a must for race fans and sports know-it-alls alike. And it's perfect practice for the real thing.

Download Motorsport Manager from Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (£12)

Decent multiplayer shooters are few and far between on the Mac. Sure, there are some Call of Duty ports kicking around, but for engrossing, button-mashing combat there aren't many places to turn. Thankfully, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all the gun-toting you'll ever need.

A steep learning curve only adds to the addictiveness, as you utilise a range of unlockable weapons to fight insurgents as a counter-terrorist - or vice versa - battling across 7 maps where death is always right around the corner.

Yes, CS:GO is pretty infamous for its vast community of online players, many of which are less-than-welcoming - but that doesn't take away from the fun of honing your skills and shooting into the early hours.

Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Steam

StarCraft II (Free)

StarCraft II is several years old at this point, but it remains a real-time strategy classic. And yet there's fresh reason to play it right now, especially if you haven't before: Blizzard recently made the original Wings of Liberty campaign and the core online multiplayer experience free.

Yes, free! This sci-fi sequel is worth your cash, but now you won't have to spend it – that is, unless you want to buy the expansions, which are sold as add-ons. Not only can anyone enjoy it now, but the shift to free-to-play surely means more active online competition to trounce.

Download StarCraft II from Blizzard