The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

The Banner Saga 3 (£18.74)

We've selected the third Banner Saga entry since it's the newest of the bunch, but make no mistake: this recommendation is for the complete trilogy, and you'd be a fool to begin anywhere but the start.

The Banner Saga's affecting, Norse-inspired tale follows a caravan of survivors at the end of the world, spanning tense turn-based tactical battles and tantalizing conversational moments alike. Your choices from each entry flows into the next, and while you can skip the earlier entries and jump straight to The Banner Saga 3, you'll be missing so much of the context and storytelling that ultimately makes this trilogy-capper such a powerful experience.

Download The Banner Saga 3 from Steam

Dead Cells (£22)

Dead Cells may look like a lost Super Nintendo relic that fell straight out of 1994, but it's actually one of the best new games you can play on your Mac right now.

This acclaimed indie side-scroller takes some cues from the likes of Super Metroid and Castlevania, but others from Dark Souls, delivering an intoxicating concoction with a vast world to explore and incredibly taut battles along the way. It's a thrilling, endlessly replayable hack-and-slash affair with real depth along the way.

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Kerbal Space Program (£30)

For as much as other games on this list are immersive, storyline-drive masterpieces, Kerbal Space Program is every bit the opposite: a sandbox space-flight simulator populated by Kerbals, in which the goal (generally unsuccessful) is to reach and explore distant planets of the imagined universe.

Despite its quirky graphics and the Minion-esque mannerisms of the Kerbals, KSP is deceptively hard. It requires an actual working knowledge of the physics behind getting a rocket into space: think thrust, payload delivery, stability, orbital paths and other impressive-sounding words.

If astronautical engineering isn't really your bag, you needn't worry - most of the fun in KSP is to be had with designing ludicrous vessels just to see how far you can get. There's also a morass of mods on the web to make it an even greater exploration experience.

Download Kerbal Space Program from Steam

Minecraft (£18)

Oh, Minecraft? Have you heard of this silly little game, enjoyed by well more than 100 million people around the world? Yeah, it's kind of a big deal – but if you don't already have the block-building sensation on your phone, tablet, or game console, then you ought to get it for Mac.

Minecraft is like the digital equivalent of Lego bricks, letting you build whatever you please using an array of small, pixelated blocks. You can play in a freeform creative mode, deal with monstrous threats in a survival experience, hop online to play with pals, or install mods for endless other variations. It's perfect for all ages, really.


Sid Meier's Civilization VI (£50)

The legend is back! Players have been obsessing over Civilization for decades now, and with Sid Meier's Civilization VI, Firaxis has both expanded the game and made it easier to understand. And that's good news for all kinds of Civ players.

As ever, the objective is to create, support, and expand a historical civilisation over the eras, commanding and battling against legendary leaders in the process. Civilization VI is built off the back of previous entries, certainly, but this turn-based strategy experience brings in active research and improves diplomacy options, while cities can now be built around natural terrain thanks to a new multi-tile approach. If this is your sort of game, you can rest assured that it'll keep you happily playing for a long, long time.

Download Sid Meier's Civilization VI from Steam