The 25 best apps and games for your new iPad Air 2


If anything, Pixelmator for iPad betters its desktop sibling, at least in terms of immediacy and usability. It’s probably not quite feature-rich enough for pros, but it’s a stellar photo editor ‘for the rest of us’, full of impressive photographic filters, fun painting tools, and loads of adjustment and editing options.

Download Pixelmator (£3.99)

Comic Life 3

Take your photos and turn them into a comic book page, adding custom sound effects, captions, speech balloons and sound effects. You can mess about with panel borders, add comic-like halftone effects to your photos, and then export the entire lot to PDF, JPEG or EPUB.

Download Comic Life 3 (£3.99)


Calling Assembly a graphic design tool is a stretch, but you can certainly use it to fashion interesting and dynamic imagery. The app’s based around manipulating pre-made shapes, which can be recoloured, resized and connected.

It feels like a futuristic version of felt shapes you might have played with as a kid. But one look at the ‘inspiration’ gallery and you’ll see that even the simplest of construction techniques can be powerful, resulting in surprisingly intricate creative fare.

Download Assembly (free + optional IAP packs)


For a subtler and more stylish take on collage, PicFrame’s your best bet on the iPad. Choose your frame set-up, import a load of photos, and then set about editing borders, colours, effects and even panel shapes. Once you’re done, send the result to email or your favourite social network.

Download PicFrame (£0.79)


If you fancy making your own miniature superhero or tiny car, Foldify is a great place to start. Pick a template, add stamps or photos, scribble all over it, and marvel at your masterpiece.

But rather than simply emailing the result, print, cut, fold and you’ll have a stalwart paper hero to guard your shiny tablet from any thief not tough enough to brave a potentially very nasty paper cut.

Download Foldify (£2.99)