The 20 best Amazon Fire tablet apps

Pocket (Free)

Tablets are amazing reading devices, but you don't always have the time or attention span for a lengthy, sprawling feature article or in-depth report. No worries: just share a link to Pocket and it'll be saved and downloaded for offline reading. Next time you have some brain power to spare, simply fire up your saved articles and enjoy. It's an incredibly helpful tool to have handy.

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Podcast Addict (Free)

Podcasts might seem an ideal fit for a smartphone in your pocket, but they're great background listening when playing games or doing a whole lot of nothing at home, as well. And Podcast Addict lets you easily follow your favourite shows on your Fire tablet, as well as discover new ones via its handy charts and browsing options. It's a perfect way to find free, intriguing aural entertainment.

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Evernote (Free)

All praise the cloud! Evernote is one of our go-to apps on any Internet-connected device we get our hands on, simply because we can jot something down on one screen and then pick back up on another. So whether it's a handwritten reminder, a quick note, or a sprawling opus, Evernote lets you get all of your notes wherever you are – even if it's a Fire tablet in your hands.

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Sketchbook (Free)

Whether you're up for simple doodling (see above; apologies) or need some intricate tools, Autodesk's free Sketchbook app is well worth having handy on your Fire tablet. You'll have an array of brushes available, insane zooming for tiny details, and a full layer editor to play with. Plus, paying for the Pro version opens up loads more brushes and advanced features.

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Star Wars (Free)

Star Wars fever is in full swing right now, and thankfully, the stellar official app found on Android and iOS is also available for Amazon devices. It's nicely themed and includes news, video clips, trivia bits, a soundboard, amusing selfie montages, and even themed GIFs for when you need the right Star Wars reaction on social media. If you're even a little bit of a fan, grab it.

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