20 Apple Watch apps we want to see

6. A really lazy shopping app

The future of shopping is, to some extent, avoiding the hassle of shopping. So we want an app where we can just stumble about and say “I need some eggs”, and the app would eventually — and possibly grudgingly — order at the most opportune time. (The Apple Watch should ideally then grow arms and legs and put the shopping away once it arrives).

7. A really clever shopping app

And for those times when you haul yourself to real-world shops, geo-location and learned preferences should come into play. Ambling about the supermarket and need some beans? Your Apple Watch should buzz when you’re near the product. A huge fan of amusing hats and walking past Amusing Hats, Inc., which is having a half-price sale on especially amusing hats? Your Apple Watch should tear your arm off to get you inside.

8. Triposo city walks

The Triposo app is wonderful for all sorts of reasons, not least in providing offline guides for 30,000 destinations. But its shining star is dynamic city walks for wherever you happen to be. An Apple Watch app just for that bit would be magic, the wearable prompting you to turn left or right when appropriate, rather than you ending up lost, alone and devoured by wolves.

9. Duolingo

The Duolingo app is a cunningly designed way of injecting new languages into your brain by way of bite-sized lessons. On Apple Watch, this kind of thing could be even shorter and sweeter, perhaps concentrating on you learning a single new word or phrase a day.

10. iKaossilator

In its initial incarnation, the Apple Watch’s gestural input is reportedly pretty simple, as are the apps. But in a revision or two’s time, something like the pad-based iKaossilator would be fantastic — tiny gestural music-making right on your wrist. And then someone will make a hit album with just an Apple Watch and we’ll have to hate them.