20 Apple Watch apps we want to see

16. Groove

We know that Apple Watch will be able to store on-board audio, but Apple’s own music players lack imagination. We’d much prefer to see Groove on our Apple Watch, cleverly churning out limitless personalised playlists, thereby ensuring we get out of that rut of listening to the same few albums all the time.

17. Walkie Talkie

Yes, there’s a Phone app built into Apple Watch, and you can use the device’s built-in speaker and mic for quick chats. But really we want to turn Apple Watch into a modern take on classic TV-show wrist communicators, complete with terrible ‘futuristic graphics’, stupid bleepy noises, and more licensing than you can shake a stick at. Star Trek! Dick Tracy! *Knight Rider!* (Bonus points to Apple if our car starts calling us Michael and can turbo-boost into the air when we’re wearing an Apple Watch.)

18. 7-minute challenge

Tim Cook keeps banging on about exercise, and the Apple Watch has some built-in apps to track your health. The 7-minute exercise challenge is seemingly all the rage these days, and would seem perfect for a device you’re not meant to be using for very long in any given session.

19. A smart travel app

The excellent Citymapper is coming to Apple Watch, providing wrist-based updates for public transport. But the app only works in a handful of cities. Apple should stop dragging its heels regarding such info, bundle it directly into Maps, and have your Apple Watch intelligently keep track of what’s happening. Dawdling a bit, and about to miss the train? Apple Watch would prod your wrist to urge you to speed up. Another delayed train, making it a better bet to grab a nearby bus? It’d tell you about that too.

20. Cookie Clicker

Actually, we *don’t* think this would be an amazing app, but it would be funny to see Apple Watch reduced to a screen people incessantly tap all day, in order to amass a huge collection of virtual cookies. And then people would get RSI from holding their arms up for so long, in order to get all those cookies, leading, inevitably, to Cookiegate. We think you’ll agree there’s no finer-sounding scandal than that.