20 Apple Watch apps we want to see

11. iControl

This isn’t an actual app (as far as we know) — just one we really want. After a wee bit of setting things up, the Apple Watch would become the means of controlling your entire home and workplace. As you near work, geo-location magic would fire up things that need firing up; on returning home, it’d turn on the heating, and play suitably invigorating music that makes you forget you want your boss to have a particularly nasty accident involving a cheese sandwich and a whisk.

12. Super Hexagon

Another one to file away for the future: Super Hexagon on Apple Watch. We’re pretty sure the current hardware can’t deal with such fast-moving games, but simple left/right rotation avoidy stuff could work nicely with the digital crown controlling movement. Of course, this particular title would be even harder on the smaller screen, with games lasting only several seconds — perfect for not impacting on battery life.

13. Find My iPhone

Although primarily designed to track down your device if someone pilfers it, Find My iPhone has other uses, notably having it scream out when you can’t find the thing, despite having searched the entire house. On Apple Watch, we’d quite happily have this as a one-button app, with said button labelled ‘Blare alarm, because your buffoon owner has misplaced you AGAIN’ — or something a bit shorter if that won’t fit.

14. Guitar tuner

Guitars annoyingly don’t stay in tune forever, and unless you’re gifted with magic ears, you’ll need a tuner. Fishing one out (or even an app on your phone) is a hassle. If only there was a little screen attached to your wrist that could helpfully tell you your E is a little flat…

15. Strip comics

Reading comics on a smartphone is bad enough, and so we’d probably rather have Judge Dredd punch our face in than try delving into the latest issue of 2000 AD on Apple Watch. But short panel-based comic strips could work nicely with the tiny screen and page-based nav system, bringing Peanuts and the like to your wrist.