15 totally amazing one-thumb games to play on your iPhone 6

Forget-Me-Not (£1.49)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

Forget-Me-Not isn’t only the finest old-school arcade game on the iPhone, but it’s so good that it stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best 1980s classics. You roam randomly-generated mazes, munching flowers, grabbing a key, and then making for the exit. All the while, creatures materialise and merrily go about annihilating everything around them, within seconds transforming a sedate Pac-Man-style game into a crazed neon battleground.

Thumbability: TWO THUMBS UP! Swipe to move, and big menu buttons that are easy to reach.

Download Forget-Me-Not here

Beat Sneak Bandit (£1.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

Before Simogo went all literary with Year Walk and Device 6, they created oddball arcade games. This one’s a mash-up of single-screen platforming, stealth and rhythm action, with every movement controlled by tapping the screen. The aim: steal all the clocks, avoid the gaze of the guards, and escape with your life! It’s absurdly clever, and we won’t even hold the lack of a ‘tallscreen’ aspect ratio against it.

Thumbability: ONE THUMBS UP! The main game’s great, but you might need another thumb during the level-select screens.

Download Beat Sneak Bandit here

Tiny Wings (69p)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

This sweet survival title features a bird with tiny wings that nonetheless dreams of flying. Cunningly, she’s figured out that by sliding on her belly down hills, momentum will propel her off of the next. On holding the screen, the bird folds her wings; you must time this right, so she always hits downhill sections, and can then get as far as possible before the sun sets. A second game mode transforms Tiny Wings into a breakneck racer, featuring the bird’s four chicks speeding home in order to win the biggest fish.

Thumbability: ONE THUMBS UP! Single-thumb in-game, but the menus sometimes need an additional thumb to reach.

Download Tiny Wings here

Zen Bound 2 (£1.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

One of the most beautiful games to grace handheld devices, Zen Bound 2 is about wrapping rope around sculptures, which then paints them on contact or via the use of paint bombs. It’s a simple concept, but effortless one-thumb movement gives you a huge amount of control, and the environment somehow feels very real, despite its surreal nature and the fact you’re pawing at glass.

Thumbability: TWO THUMBS UP! A gloriously tactile game, and you can spin the view with a single thumb - even on level-select screens.

Download Zen Bound 2 here

Badland (£2.49)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

Badland resembles Tiny Wings set in a kind of alien hell. Flapping critters battle their way through a forest filled with a suspicious number of death-dealing devices, from spinning saw blades to lethal lasers. You tap to flap, grab power-ups to clone yourself, and figure out a route to the end. It might be pretty, but Badland very much has an evil glint in its eye.

Thumbability: ONE THUMBS UP! Simple one-thumb in-game play, but menu buttons are all over the place.

Download Badland here

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