The 15 best Mac games right now

11. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is probably the only decade-old first-person shooter that we would put on this list in a heartbeat (to be fair, it's only been on Mac since 2010).

It excels in all possible regards, whether it's the taut action against frantic alien beasts, the ambience of the world, or the enticing storyline with its very human-seeming characters. Play it - and don't miss the standalone follow-up episodes.

Buy Half-Life 2 here for £6.99

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12. FTL: Faster Than Light

If you like your games unpredictable and simultaneously tough as nails, then FTL: Faster Than Light might be just what you're seeking.

You'll guide your ship through a randomised galaxy and engage the various threats that emerge, working to keep your vessel intact all the while. The challenge will scare some off, but those who embrace it will fall hard for this engrossing sci-fi strategy experience.

Buy FTL: Faster Than Light here for £6.99

13. Minecraft

Minecraft has transformed from an indie game into an institution - 50+ million copies sold will do that, after all. But behind that madness is still (surprise!) a really entertaining little game.

With worlds built from nothing more than pixelated blocks, Minecraft creates a real sense of wonder as you explore the terrain, discover its myriad secrets, and concoct all manner of LEGO-like structures. 

Buy Minecraft here for £17.95

14. Sid Meier's Civilization V

The game series that lets you redo the past is arguably one of history's greatest time sinks, and Civilization V is the culmination of everything that's enthralling about the strategy series.

Streamlined and more accessible than ever while maintaining its complexity and richness, Civ V grants great power as you lead your people to prosperity (or poverty), and proves seriously satisfying as such.

Buy Civilization V here for £19.99

15. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

There were many more big-name AAA titles we could've selected to round out this list, and still we kept circling back to Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. Why? It might be the most fun you can have on Mac for three quid, as this slick dogfighter is excellent both in its online aerial showdowns and its thrilling campaign missions based on World War II. Either way, it's a total blast, and super cheap too.

Buy Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders here for £2.99

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