11 things we learnt from Apple's Watch event

7. The new MB is the laptop you've always wanted

You weren’t in the market for a new laptop, were you? But the moment that first image of the new MacBook floated into view you knew you had to have one, didn’t you? Same here.

Forget the fancy features - the USB-C, the Force Touch trackpad, the terraced batteries and the fanless logic board - this is desire, pure and simple. It’s slim, light, and just beautiful, and we all want one right now.

8. Apple's engineers are really good at miniaturising

Lopping the fan off a logic board is a surefire way to make it smaller, but that doesn’t make Apple's achievement with the new MacBook any less impressive.

Nor is it the case that all Apple has done here is to make all of the necessary internal laptop gubbins fit into the super-slim chassis of the new MacBook. Components have been shrunk, signal paths have been shortened, and connections have been streamlined. The result is a board that’s an astonishing 67% smaller than that of the MacBook Air 11in. That’s even more compact than it really needs to be, but it means even more space can be given over to batteries.

In fact, opening the MacBook's case up reveals that it's almost all battery inside. Mightily impressive work.

9. The new MB USB-C port will be pretty damn clever...

So long then, Lightning. The new MacBook instead has a single port to satisfy all its charging, data transfer and connectivity requirements. That port is USB-C and for once it's not a proprietary Apple thing.

What do you need to know about it? Well it's fast, with a top speed (on the MacBook) of 5Gbps. It's thin, which helps allow for the new MacBook's super-thin profile. It can be used both ways up (like Lightning) and it also works as both 'in' and 'out' - so you can both charge to it and from it.

It'll also need an adaptor if you're using it with older USB cables, but don't worry - they're already available on the Apple Store of course. 

10. ...but with no-mag safe you'd best get insurance tomorrow

The downside to USB-C is that for the first time on any MacBook you lose the genius MagSafe charger. 

There are many things we've loved about the various MacBooks over the years, and MagSafe is high among them. We've lost track of the number of times our precious laptops have been saved by the power lead popping out with a satisfying snap when we've tripped over it. Or, lately, when our kids have done it.

But that's gone now. Hopefully USB-C cables will pop out easily enough when tugged, but we'll be checking our insurance policies just to be prepared.

11. Apple's still obsessed with feel

It would have been pretty impressive if Apple had set out to produce a keyboard that was super slim without sacrificing that much-lauded feel it’s famous for, so the fact that it’s gone even further and attempted to improve the mechanism is quite the bold move.

So the old “scissor” mechanism that sees keys depress slightly (mostly unnoticeably) wonkily is gone, replaced with a “butterfly” design that means each key depresses more uniformly. Apple, never one to shy away from putting a figure on things, says the new MacBook’s keys are 4x more stable than those of its other keyboards. Now that’s stable.