10 of the worst tech lifestyle photos



Time to leave the rich shores of the Far East for a trip to America. Remember Will.i.am’s $475 iPhone camera add-on, the i.am+? If not, apologies for reminding you that this grotesque gold-plated assault on the senses exists. At least hold it straight, Will.

Sony WH-1200 – snow joke

Sony WH-1200

We actually think this one is pretty cool (no pun intended). How did it get on the ski slope and why is it reflecting light so strangely? Even the skier has taken his eyes off what he’s doing to check it out. The Photoshop job is adorably amateur given Sony’s status in the tech world, and for that reason we give it a chilly thumbs up.

PSP Go (home, you’re drunk)


Remember what we said earlier about huge corporations trying to be cool?

Props to UK Resistance for maintaining a historically significant archive of terrible gaming lifestyle images.

Gillette – the worst a lifestyle photo can get

Masters of Style

Congrats to face fuzz management company Gillette for drafting in three genuinely likeable, stylish stars for its “Masters of Style” shaver campaign and somehow making them super lame. There's not even a product on show here: just the over-maintained visages of Andre 3000, Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal screaming "I've been groomed! Look!"

Olympus PEN is envy

Olympus PEN

Oh, who are we kidding? We dream about being this guy and we’re crushed when we wake up and we’re not him.