10 things Tim Cook’s phone call tells us about Apple

5. The Apple Watch is coming soon

5. The Apple Watch is coming soon

Cook said Apple Watch development was on schedule, with the device expected to ship in April. Devs are apparently working hard on apps, and Cook mentioned incredibly exciting innovation surrounding the device.

Given recent App Store strangeness, though, we worry about the review team rejecting apps for possibly spurious reasons, until Apple nails down precisely what it wants Apple Watch apps to be. Expect an April launch, then, followed by excitement (SQUEE! NEW THING!), disappointment (It’s not a digital unicorn!), realisation that it’s actually useful, and months of Russian roulette regarding app approval.

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6. Apple’s increasingly a worldwide player

The Apple Store in Pudong, Shanghai

Apple often feels like a company with worldwide reach, but that primarily operates in and cares about the USA. Yet the iPhone 6 international rollout was Apple’s fastest to date, and the company’s growing in all regions — especially Brazil and mainland China. Our hope is this pushes Apple to double down on not just rapidly rolling out hardware worldwide, but also software and services.

7. Quality sells

7. Quality sells

Whether you look at Mac sales rising and thereby bucking the PC market trend, or Apple’s success in China, despite its kit being surrounded by a sea of cheap clones, it’s clear quality sells. Analysts keep claiming we’ll one day see a race to the bottom, but most technology sectors have a prestige brand that performs nicely and profitably, even if it doesn’t have an especially huge market-share. Apple’s further cementing itself in that position; expect this to continue.

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