10 Steam Greenlight games we'd buy tomorrow

Real World Racing

Like a cross between Micro Machines and Google Earth, this top-down racer uses a combination of high-resolution aerial photographs and graphical elements to create over 50 tracks through cities across the world, including Berlin, Rome and London, with room for 16 online players.

Road Redemption

A spiritual successor to 16-bit classic Road Rash, success in Road Redemption isn’t about lap times or pole positions, it’s about how you wield your samurai sword and how many opponents you can kick into the path of oncoming traffic. They don’t teach that in the Highway Code.


Unlike in the summer of 2011, you no longer need a BlackBerry and a misplaced sense of entitlement to indulge in a spot of civil disobedience. This retro unrest-’em-up gives you the chance to experience it from both sides of the law, with RTS-style controls for rallying your troops.

The Forest

You know the drill: plane crashes in forest and you’re the only survivor, then forest turns out to be full of apparently naked mutants with a taste for human flesh. We’ve all been there. Armed with little more than a lighter, it’s up to you to find shelter, hunt for food and try to stay alive.


This brain-bending, first-person Portal-esque puzzler puts you in a world with two dimensions: a black ’n’ white one and a white ’n’ black one. “But those are the same!” you cry. And that’s part of the problem. Working out which one you have to be in and when is all part of the puzzle.