10 properly interesting apps for your new Apple Watch

6. djay 2 (£free + IAP)

On iPad, djay was an excellent app for spinning virtual decks. On iPhone, it surprisingly still impressed on the smaller screen. Presumably the Apple Watch incarnation is a stepping stone to the developer soon releasing a version to be used on a display the size of an atom.

In the meantime, djay lets you mix tracks right from your wrist, which we defy even the most brilliant DJ in the world to make look cool.

Download djay 2

7. Workflow (£2.29/US$2.99)

On iPhone and iPad, Workflow is an insanely powerful automation tool; it connects apps and services together, performing tasks so you don’t have to. This includes quickly finding nearby stores, scheduling calendar events, translating text, and so on.

On Apple Watch, much the same occurs, and this is if anything even better, given the limited standard means of input. Workflows can be downloaded, so you don’t even have to make them yourself, and they’re also accessible from Glances.

Download Workflow

8. Timers (£2.29/US$2.99)

Apple Watch comes with a stopwatch, which you can easily enough use for timing. But with Timers, you get much more precision and flexibility.

For sporty types, it can be used as an interval timer, for doing quick workouts. When working, it can be fired up for work/break loops. And if you’re a bit particular about your morning brew, you could set it up to ensure that your tea bag lurks in the cup for exactly the right amount of time.

Download Timers

9. Twitterrific 5 (£free + IAP)

OK, we know what we said about social network giants, but this isn’t the official Twitter app — it’s much nicer.

On iPhone, Twitterrific is beautifully designed, and that sensibility is evident in the Apple Watch app. It’s also dead useful, providing the means to quickly access and reply to recent messages, check out daily stats, block idiots, and cheerily view notifications from people you like. (Note that the app requires the one-time £1.49/US$1.99 notifications IAP to function, or an ‘everything’ purchase.)

Download Twitterific 5

10. Instapaper (£free)

Most Apple Watch news apps have gone for a kind of “no, honest, it’s actually fine to read things on a tiny screen” approach. Frankly, we’re not sure it is fine, unless you’ve accidentally shrunk yourself considerably in some terrible scientific experiment.

Instapaper takes a quite different - and rather refreshing - approach, instead taking advantage of the service’s text-to-speech function, thereby enabling you to digest saved articles using a combination of your Apple Watch and ears.

Download Instapaper

Bonus: K.I.T.T. apps (79p/US$0.99 each)

OK, we admit it. Our main reason for buying an Apple Watch is to recreate scenes from terrible 1980s telly. Already, a couple of Knight Rider apps have appeared, which will almost certainly be sued into oblivion. In the meantime, grab them so you can pretend to be David Hasselhoff and have chats with an uppity Trans-Am with a suspiciously Cylon-like glowing ‘eye’. TURBO BOOST!

Download KITT on your wrist and K.I.T.T. Watch


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