10 of the best puzzle games for Android

Hitman GO

We admit ‘adorable’ is probably not the first word that leaps to mind when thinking about assassins, but Hitman GO is very adorable indeed. It’s a turn-based puzzle take on the award-winning console series, with Agent 47 sneaking about clockwork-like dioramas. It works brilliantly, somehow even managing to echo its console-based cousin’s tension and atmosphere.

Download Hitman GO (£2.99)


One of the most experimental and thoughtful puzzlers around, Splice has you arrange cells to fit a target structure, based around binary trees. Cells are dragged into place, and automatically rearrange themselves when spliced, depending on how many fellows are attached. Initially, it confounds, but when this one clicks, you’ll be hooked. Watch out for some devious levels later on.

Download Splice (£1.92)


This elegant game is all about swiping coloured ribbons across a grid that contains coloured squares. The aim is to pattern-match by strategically swiping in a certain order. Earlier levels are dead simple, with basic two-by-two grids; by the time you hit five-by-fives, you’ll be tearing your hair out, even if you’ve figured out some patterns to success.

Download Strata

World of Goo

It’s not hyperbole to say World of Goo isn’t just a fantastic puzzler, but one of the best games from the past decade. It centres around sentient goo, which you use to build structures. This enables any remaining goo to find their way to the pipe that takes them to goo heaven. In less talented hands, this would have been a typically cartoonish saccharine puzzle game; but 2D Boy’s title is infused with melancholy, a beautiful narrative, bizarre and surreal artwork, and an engaging, atmospheric soundtrack. It’s a true classic.

Download World of Goo (£2.99)

Joining Hands 2

It might not be the most challenging game on this list, but Joining Hands 2 is sweet and addictive. The aim is to connect multi-limbed Peabins so they’re all holding hands. That would be simple if not for the rigid hexagonal grid structure that’s peppered with obstacles. Throughout, new characters with unique powers are introduced, and if you enjoy the title, the first game in the series is equally good.

Download Joining Hands 2 (£2.49)

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