10 of the best nerve-shredding games

F.E.A.R. (PC, 2005)

This crams everything in -- guns, puzzles, fighting, slow-motion action and shocks, with the horror element particularly well done. It's all about supernatural threats, weird little ghost girls, gore and darkness, plus it's a great shooter under it all too, if you're not really a plot person. 

Dead Space (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, 2008)

The survival horror concept once again, only this time updated with more realistic depiction of entrails than ever thanks to the power of Xbox 360 and PS3. A glorious futuristic sci-fi setting and amazing levels of slaughter made it a fan favourite. 

Alan Wake (Xbox 360, 2010)

Time awarded Alan Wake with the best game of 2010 accolade. You won't be thinking about that when you're being stalked in the dark woods, armed with a torch though. What are you going to to, blind the unseen horrors to death? Well, actually, yes. Banish the darkness with your flashlight, then shoot them dead. If your hands aren't trembling too much that is.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC. Mac, Linux, OnLive, 2010)

Have you ever been so terrified that you've actually wet yourself? No? Well neither have we. That's why we'll never, ever, play Amnesia. We'd like to keep our involuntary urination record nice and clean, thank you very much.

Wait, you missed out The Evil Within...

That's because we're too scared to even talk about it after watching a 15 minute walkthrough of it in a pitch black room at E3. That, and it won't be out till August. 

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