The 10 best games for destroying your social life

1. Civilisation (1991)

A game played across oceans of time. You begin with a handful of men in the year 4000BC, and gradually steer their development into towns and cities, creating industries, fostering a society that learns and fights and struggles and blooms right up to the space age. Majestic in scope and compulsive in nature, the Civilisation series has accounted for more time spent alone in front of a screen, slowly munching crisps and swigging from a warm 1.5L bottle of fizzy drink than any other. We know of at least two people whose friends have staged an intervention with Civilisation players, destroying the discs and telling them just go outside, into the real world, just for a bit. If you're a proper gamer, that kind of advice just means you're doing it right.

WAIT! You missed out...

I've spent/wasted a hefty chunk of my life on computer games, and while most of that time has been portioned out fairly neatly, I really have spent a disgusting amount of time of Skyrim. I try not to look these days, but I'm pretty sure I've gone past the 200-hour mark. My least proud moment is probably buying the Hearthfire DLC and spending hours upon hours carefully building and customising a house. A house that no-one else will ever see.

Why? Because in Skyrim you never run out of quests. For someone like me - a completionist - having unfinished quests in the queue is an itch I cannot do anything but scratch. 

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