The 10 best flying games EVER

7. Space Shuttle (1985)

Not just flying, but flying into space. The young Richard Bransons of the mid-1980s could man a shuttle launch from pad to orbit and back again on the C64, so long as they had a vivid enough imagination to fill in the many gaps left by the Commodore's chunky visuals and white noise sound effects.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator (1982)

The utilitarian name aptly described this very serious game. There were no aliens to shoot, just half a screen full of befuddling instruments and a flying experience that was, and still is in the numerous later sequels, really quite convincing.

5. Starwing (1993)

One of the weaknesses of the 16-bit consoles was solved by Starwing (aka Star Fox), which stuck a stripped- down graphics card into its cartridge, bringing proper 3D gaming to the SNES. And it was a cracker, combining aerial combat with Nintendo’s typical polish and style.