Now, this is one projector that gets off to a winning start. This Epson is easier than a particularly easy Sunday morning when it comes to getting it firing an image exactly where you want it.

The EH-TW3800 is a Full HD, 1080p 3LCD projector with two HDMI 1.3a inputs. Epson claims a contrast ratio of 18,000:1 and offers a familiar array of picture-processing tech.

Adjusting the size and position of the picture is a two-control affair, and in seconds we're up and running. Top marks for the solid, smart and neatly laid-out remote control, complete with comfy buttons, too.

Colour modes aplenty

Setting up the picture, we opted for the 'HD' colour mode, which is not only perfect for Blu-rays but also offers the best balance of the myriad choices.

There’s also a refreshing silence as you wait for your Blu-ray to load – this projector runs at 22dB, which is nice and quiet and consistent with the claimed volume of rivals at this level.

Easy set up

Sadly, the EH-TW3800 isn’t quite as solid with black levels as some rivals, with dark scenes sloping off the corners of the screen a bit.

Motion can also cause this Epson a little trouble – a common problem with projectors – and it loses focus control on object edges from time to time.

Still, in less frenzied films, it offers a clean, sharp presentation, splashing out the full-bodied, vivid colour palette with all the energy we wanted to see.

If anything the 'TW3800 can occasionally be a little ruddy and lacking subtlety where skin tones are concerned, but by and large it has a solid, bold delivery.

Good detail, but not the best

Detail levels are again good, but not quite up to the standard of the very best in class – close-up facial shots and expansive backgrounds show it’s not quite capable of matching the best here.  

But, overall, the EH-TW3800 is more good news for projector buyers. Not only does this Epson show that setting up a projector needn’t take over your weekend, it delivers a pretty fine picture to boot.

Stuff says... 

Epson EH-TW3800 review

Easy to set up and capable of producing a very watchable picture that doesn’t quite match the best

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