The ESL68500 is the world’s first talking dishwasher. We know what you’re thinking – that sounds like the biggest gimmick since the text-messaging Barbie doll. But it deserves more than eye-rolls and scoffs – this Electrolux also happens to be the cleverest and most efficient dishwasher we’ve seen.  

Alright, it’s also one of the most expensive, and can’t really hold a meaningful conversation. But the dialogue is all useful information – how best to load and operate the machine or how clean your load is – and it certainly beats hours spent thumbing the manual.

All white

Talky looks rather sharp too. The snow-white design isn’t exactly breaking new ground in the laundry room, but the crisp lines and hidden controls – they’re all in the top of the door – give it classily understated appearance. It’s a regular size, so it can fit under a work surface and you can get 12 place settings inside.

Mechanically, Talkie is a smooth operator, running at an unobtrusive 42 decibels and meets an efficiency rating of AAA, which is as good as it currently gets. You can choose from eight cycles by hitting the soft-touch buttons, with the program info being displayed on an LCD screen. The quickest wash takes just 30 minutes.

Clean machine

The really clever bit is the way Talky can tell you how clean the pots inside are. It’s not just intuition; an infrared beam firing through the draining water measures the amount of particles in the water. Less interruption to the beam indicates cleaner water, so Talky knows exactly when to stop.

At around £1,000, it’s not the cheapest in the shops right now, but the Electrolux is built to last and super efficient, so could work out cheaper in the long run. And it goes without saying that the more talking gadgets you’ve got in your home, the better.  


Stuff says... 

Electrolux ESL68500 Talky review

The talking function is no useless gimmick – and our cutlery tells us that this is one of the most efficient and well-built dishwashers around