If Dan Dare’s arch-enemy The Mekon had a hi-fi system, this is what it’d look like.

The Edifier Luna 5 iPod dock is definitely different, although the first question you have to ask yourself as you heave it from its box is whether ‘different’ is necessarily the same as ‘attractive’. This isn’t a system for the shy or retiring, that’s for sure.

Suits all iPods

As with most iPod docks, the Luna 5 revolves around Apple’s finest, and as you’d hope it comes equipped with a plethora of interchangeable inserts that give it support for a broad range of iPods and iPhones.

It also includes an FM radio plus a 3.5mm input should you want to use another type of music personal or link in your computer.

Control is via a natty touch-sensitive array with a small display, although the design means it’s not necessarily that useful: if you’re seated, it’s hard to see the display at all, never mind read it.

Still, at least the Luna 5’s massive remote control – the antithesis of the plastic credit cards usually supplied with kit like this – gives full control over both iPod control and navigation.



Big box, big sound

Happily, the Edifier’s distinctive looks aren’t just design for design’s sake: the substantial chassis allows plenty of room for a claimed power output of 55w plus a plethora of drive units, including a hefty 15cm bass driver, two 7cm midrange drivers and a pair of tweeters.

Sonically, the Luna 5 has been tuned in conjunction with Phil Jones, who previously worked at loudspeaker brands Wharfedale and Acoustic Energy, to create a smoother, cleaner sound than you’d expect from a system of this type.

It thunders through the bass riffs with some energy and no little composure. It’ll sustain big volumes too, with little of the hard, brittle edge that afflicts so many rival systems.

Downsides? The FM radio reception is patchy to say the least, and the Luna 5’s tonal balance struggles with more intimate acoustic tracks. Then again, that’s an accusation you can level at many an iPod dock at this price.  



Stuff says... 

Edifier Luna 5 review

If you’re after a distinctive-looking dock at a reasonable price, the Edifier could be for you. But it’s not quite the all-rounder we were hoping for