Ex-Ford and Chrysler motoring guru Lee Iacocca has come up with a folding electric bike that gives you a power assist when needed. You can put the eBike Euro Mini together in just ten seconds and there’s no risk of injuring yourself – that is unless the thing falls on you.

On the road, the ‘pedal assist’ will be of great use to lazy commuters, until they hit the first hill… when they’ll realise exactly how heavy the eBike is. No amount of electricity is worth lugging that, and it totally compromises the performance.

It’s not a winner, and quite possibly one of the reasons folding bikes get a bad press. Quite aside from morale, a slow bike is a liability in White Van Land.  Given its motorbike price tag, there’s very little reason to recommend it, unless the red colour matches your eyes.

Stuff says... 

eBike Euro Mini review

It’s heavier than Aunt Nora and, folded, the eBike Euro Mini is the same size as her