Dyson revolutionised the vacuum cleaner industry with its bagless ‘cyclone’ dust busters. Previously, it had been a case of buying endless replacement bags that would invariably turn out to be the wrong size for cleaners that, after a year or two of suction loss, became as effective as an asthmatic Bassett hound.

The DC22, or Baby, as it’s affectionately known by its creators, addresses both issues. The bag has become a clear plastic jug that jettisons its fluffy load straight into the bin, while the heavily patented cyclone system is designed to maintain suction and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Dyson Mini-me

As the name suggests, the Baby is Dyson’s smallest cylinder cleaner. It miniaturises the Root Cyclone system and adds another level of separation to extract more microscopic particles, making this its most effective machine to date.

Basically, the dirt is drawn into the main cylinder and spun at 500G (the human body can withstand 8G) to remove large fibres before being drawn out into smaller cyclones spinning at 150,000G, which remove bacteria and really small stuff.

The science is impressive, but we suspect most people will get sucked in, as it were, by the tactile, Tonka toy-like appearance. The outward engineering of the copper coloured cyclone cluster is strangely appealing and there’s satisfaction to be had in seeing all that fluff spinning around in the jug.

Tough guy

This baby is tough too. The bin is made from the same material as riot shields and its been flung down the stairs of the Dyson factory in tests.

As you can see from the picture, the hose wraps tightly around the body of the DC22 when you’re done, while the accessories clip on the sides for easy storage.

Our sample came in a classic copper satin finish, but a metallic blue one with a turbine head for picking up animal hair is also available for around £280. 


Stuff says... 

Dyson DC22 Baby review

The Baby is the best Dual Cyclone Dyson yet and tougher than Mike Tyson in chainmail