When the question of weekend plans arises on a Friday few words, apart from perhaps ‘in-laws’, evokes more dread than ‘decorating’. The acres of newspaper, roller trays and dripping paint are enough to make anyone hastily book the first flight to anywhere.

But now Dulux thinks it’s come up with a gadget that could significantly reduce the misery of painting walls. The PaintPod pumps a steady flow of emulsion from its reservoir to a spongy roller to keep it topped up. And because it uses non-drip paint, there’s no threat of your lounge floor turning into a Jackson Pollock painting either.

Splatter free

You should probably lay down some newspaper over your mum’s best Axminster carpet before you start to be sure, but when we tested the PaintPod there really was zero splatter and the flow of paint was as smooth as a pint of Boddingtons.

Of course, like any roller, it can’t get right into the corners and it’s not perfect for edging, but Dulux has even thrown in a brush to do the fiddly bit. It’s no ordinary brush either, with a triangular shape to help it get into the tricky corners.

One of the biggest drags about painting has to be washing the brushes afterwards, but PaintPod’s creators have thought of that too. You simply tuck the painty roller back inside the pod, connect it to a tap and wait until the water has pumped both roller and pod clean.

Specialist paint required

The only catch we can see is that you have to use proprietary PaintPod paint. This emulsion is formulated to run smoothly through the system and the tubs are shaped to fit precisely inside the pod to eliminate any chance of spillage. Luckily, Dulux happens to offer a fairly extensive colour palette and most of these are available in PaintPod tubs.

The tubs themselves are a little more expensive than usual at £30 for five litres of coloured emulsion and £20 for pure brilliant white, but the ease-of-use factor will overrule any quibbles about price once you’ve tried it. And if you haven’t seen PaintPod at your local B&Q, fear not – it’ll be available from most good DIY stores from late April 2008.


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Dulux PaintPod review

Makes painting walls, if not fun, at least many times more bearable thanks to its self-cleaning, splatter-free convenience

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