As absorbent as kitchen roll, de Blob is the squishy hero you play in the colourful world of de Blob 2. He might resemble a marshmallow when standing still and a space hopper when in motion, but he's exactly the kind of hero Prisma City needs.

The city, you see, has been drained of colour by pinwheel-armed cultists devoted to creating a dull, grey world. So it's just as well that de Blob and his Colour Underground buddies have turned up to repaint the world until it resembles the inside of a bag of Skittles.

The cultists, however, aren't going to make things easy and are out to drain you of paint until you pop.

Deranged as it may be, de Blob 2's bouncing paint-a-thon is zany, cute and charming.

You spend your time bouncing around 3D levels, dunking de Blob in pools of paint before head-butting buildings to smear colour over them. For variety there's regular trips into the sewer system to reconnect paint supplies that take the form of a traditional 2D platform game.

But while the action is bouncy, it's a sedate game. A good-natured Sunday stroll rather than a madcap scramble. You bounce around, mix up colours and cosy up to objects to colour them in.

And there's something very satisfying about seeing a dull, grey level transformed into a lurid primary colour mess that buzzes with life. The bubbly soundtrack compliments that feeling, adding a new instrument to the music every time you paint with a new colour.

Its gentle pace and even gentler difficulty curve may be too pedestrian for thrill seekers, but it is ideal for playing with kids - especially with its Super Mario Galaxy-esque two-player mode, where one person controls de Blob while the other zaps objects and cultists with paint.

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de Blob 2 review

Cute and colourful paint-a-thon – but may be too sedate for some