Cut the rope – yes, technically that's all this game is, but at the same time it's just so much more.

As often happens in our experience, a strange little monster by the name of Om Nom has been delivered to you in a cardboard box and demands to be fed sweets (okay, candy if you must). For some reason you can't put it directly in his mouth (will he chew your arm off? We don't know), but instead have to corral it into his gaping cakehole by yep – you guessed it – cutting the rope.

There are stars to collect along the way to speed your progress, but you don't have to collect them if you don't want to. Just get it in his belly.

A steep learning curve keeps things interesting as new items and pitfalls are added to the arsenal of things getting in between your little green charge and his diabetes-inducing diet. Among them are bubbles, disappearing stars, spiders that try to snaffle your sweets and spikes that smash them to pieces.

Slicing through that cord is immensely satisfying, and a well timed bout of hacking at ropes and popping bubbles will bring a smile to your face in no time.

Punishingly difficult at times, Cut the Rope is a game whose simple name belies its genius.

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Cut the Rope review

Astoundingly simple and complex all at once. Once you cut you can't stop