Having gobbled up a few factories’ worth of sweets in the original Cut the Rope, the adorable-yet-greedy Om Nom is back for a second helping.

As before, the ravenous wee beastie needs your help to fill up on sugary treats. For reasons unknown these sweets can only be delivered by the cutting ropes to which they are attached, sending them swinging towards Om Nom’s gaping cakehole. Miss his mouth or destroy the sweet on the way and Om Nom will make a sad face and we wouldn’t want that.

As well as ropes there are other sweet delivery mechanisms added to the mix as you progress, including whoopee cushions that blow the confectionary in new directions and bubbles that lift the treats skywards. And in case the challenge of feeding Om Nom wasn’t enough, there are stars to collect on each level for bonus points.

By now you might be thinking that this sounds almost exactly the same as the original and you would be right. Cut the Rope: Experiments doesn’t mess with the game’s award-winning formula for fun. There are a few new elements, such as rope shooters that attach new ropes to the sweets, and some hidden images to unlock. There are also 75 brand-new levels, although the gentle difficulty curve and ability to skip them means these disappear as fast as sweets flung at Om Nom. That said extra levels are promised in the near future.

Although Cut the Rope: Experiments introduces little that's new, the magic of the original is very much intact and at 69p it’s still a snip.

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Cut the Rope: Experiments review

Introduces little that's new, but keeps the magic of the original intact