How often do you use your PC to listen to music? Whether it’s grooving at a workplace desk or pumping out playlists at home, we tend to use our PCs as our secondary music player. Which makes it a crying shame that so many computer speakers are so dire.

Now, only the most patient of audiophile wants to hook up their PC to their main hi-fi, so the obvious solution is a PC speaker package. Creative has a long pedigree of creating big sounds from tiny, desktop-squatting speakers, and the T3s are some of the best it’s produced.

Creative thinking

Thankfully, the T3s aren’t a fuss-filled mulitchannel, multi-satellite surround set. Described as a ‘high-end 2.1 system’ it comprises a large, solid 50w subwoofer for under-desk storage and two teeny, tiny square 15w speakers to perch on your desk.

Straight out the box, the build quality and weight of the subwoofer is impressive, especially considering the price point. Everything you need is bundled in the box, and round the back you’ll find a socket for the remote, left and right connections for the satellites, left and right PC inputs and a control for the sub itself.

And this master bass control is the first of many nice touches. Many 2.1 systems have either weedy bass or offer big, fuzzy vibrations from under your desk. The T3s on the other hand provide a sound that’s wonderfully detailed and cohesive.

Sound superstar

Which brings us neatly to its performance. As mentioned, the sub works a treat, and this partly due to new SLAM (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) technology, with three 6.5in drivers at the front, left and right of the unit designed to provide a deeper, richer bass.

The sound that the tiny speakers themselves produce is so clear and detailed that you’ll think that witchcraft is involved. As you’d expect from a PC speaker package, the T3s are great with compressed content. We’ve been using these as the office speakers and they’ve handled everything from DJ Assault to Aberfeldy admirably.

And it’s not just music that the T3s perform with – movies and games are also pumped out with style and gusto.

Added extras

Another added extra that shows Creative has spent some thinking time on the T3s is the desk control knob.

This ergonomic, rubberised puck will not only put the power and volume at your fingertips, but also has an AUX in, so you can plug almost any music player straight in from your desktop without faffing around underneath your desk. It also has a headphone in right next door.

It’s this attention to detail, married with a massive sound and tiny footprint that make the Creative T3s one of the best 2.1 PC speaker packages we’ve ever wrapped our ears around. You’d be hard pushed to find anything better in this price range.


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