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24 February 2011 / 13:10GMT

Creative Ziio 7 review

Creative's 7in media-playing Android tablet turns up just as the big boys are preparing to enter the fray. Can it...
05 October 2009 / 6:00BST

Creative X-Fi2 16GB review

The X-Fi2 may have a welterweight price, but with a touchscreen and FLAC support Creative’s PMP isn't pulling any punches...
07 August 2009 / 6:00BST

Creative Aurvana Air review

Creative’s earhook headphones want to wrap themselves round your lugs and inject open, airy sounds within. Should you let them?
09 March 2009 / 5:00GMT

Creative Vado HD review

Creative’s pocket camcorder gets an HD overhaul plus an expanded 8GB memory. Is it the perfect YouTube camcorder?
21 November 2008 / 6:00GMT

Creative Gigaworks T3 review

On the hunt for a PC speaker system? These new Creatives could be your desktop’s ideal partner
27 October 2008 / 5:00GMT

Creative Zen Mozaic review

The Zen Mozaic fuses a mad form with some rad functions, but can it do anything to halt the imperial...
20 August 2008 / 6:00BST

Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB review

Can X-Fi sound enhancement tech and a smattering of Wi-Fi elevate Creative’s latest portable media player beyond its contemporaries?