CoPilot Live Premium, for iPhone and Android, looks and feels like a hardware sat-nav rather than a smartphone app, which is a good thing and a bad thing. On the good side there's better voice instructions than you get with most apps, lane guidance for motorway junctions, live traffic information and a constant display of your current speed, your road’s speed limit and a warning if you exceed it.

CoPilot Live Premium – speed cameras

Speed camera data is on hand too, and a Europe edition is available for £40 to avoid racking up data charges in foreign climes. Yes, Google Maps Navigation, we're giving you a hard stare at this point.

CoPilot Live Premium – destination search

Unfortunately there are some less appealing parallels with those hardware sat-navs. Entering a destination is a regimented postcode and street name affair with far too much input required before the app has a stab at finding your destination.

CoPilot Live Premium – traffic info

That traffic info is yours for 12 months but to keep the service active it'll cost a tenner a year after that. It's common practice with hardware alternatives, but in the land of apps that sort of thing doesn't seem fair. When you're already paying for your own data connection on your phone, shouldn't this just be part of the service you paid for when you bought the app?

CoPilot Live Premium – map fail

Disappointingly there are some schoolboy errors on the maps – not unique errors by any means, but when a sat-nav guides you over a pedestrian bridge that has never taken road traffic, your faith in its road knowledge takes a dent.

CoPilot Live Premium – extra features

You get a few extra features to fiddle about with while you munch on your Olympic Breakfast at the Little Chef. Wikipedia searches can be done from within in the app, you can tweet or update your Facebook status, listen to music stored on your phone, check out the weather or navigate to the location of a geotagged photo.

Even though it's a bit clunky to use by today's app standards, CoPilot Live Premium is a solid navigator with just about all the features you'd expect from a paid-for app. The interface needs an overhaul but aside from that there's little to grumble about.

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CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland review

A solid navigator despite some usability issues