It may have one of the most stupid names since Marc Bolan decided to call his son Rolan, but the Hoy Hoy Rats has great promise as a commuting road bike.

It sits as the bottom of Cinelli’s Bootleg sub-brand of urban mean machines and the range is clearly aimed at promoting the idea that you’re not a lycra-clad, shaved-leg square but a pirate on two wheels.


Ridden in anger

If you do happen to ride like a courier (on the pavement, through the reds, wrong way up a one-way), then this is the bike to do it on – searingly fast from a standing start, aggressive and agile out of the saddle with its narrow, flat bars, yet with just enough comfort and stretch to put the miles in. It’ll see you through long-haul commutes and out-of-town days too.   

One warning though – if you fancy having kids, standing up over potholes, speed bumps and along canal towpaths is to be recommended. That's despite the carbon fork softening up the front.

Three ring circus

Elsewhere, the kit is similarly sensible. Solid Shimano shifting between two rings on the front and an eight speed cassette at the back give you plenty of scope. Although to use this on long road rides or for real speed freaks, you can always stick on a third ring to really fly.

Brakes are Vs, but stood up well, even in wet conditions. And the whole package just feels right – not incredibly light, not incredibly flash – but on the workhorse side of flash and fast. So, whether the paint scheme and marketing gibberish seduces you or not, this should be a commuter's first weapon of choice in the road wars.


Stuff says... 

Cinelli Bootleg Hoy Hoy Rats review

The perfect commuter bike. Weaves through traffic and hits the straights like a Tour de France sprinter on a powder cocktail