Football in the 1970s. Great wasn't it? So many football legends and then there's the perms, far too revealing shorts and, er, rampant hooliganism.

If all this is getting you dewy-eyed with nostalgia then Square Enix has the app for you: Championship Manager 70s Legends. As the title makes plain, it whisks Championship Manager back to the days of Abba. Minus the hooligans, of course.

But it's more than just a rehash with data gathered from those player stickers that came with slabs of dusty pink bubblegum. It adheres to the FA rulebook of the era, so you're restricted to two substitutions a match, and there's a selection of archive news and photos to add atmosphere.

Beyond that it's football management as usual. Train, hire and sell footballers, joust with the press, beg the club's board for more money and gnaw your fingernails from the sidelines during the matches. And, as ever with these games, the experience of leading your team through the highs and lows is addictive stuff.

But it's a nostalgia trip with problems. The automatic team selection makes some odd choices and there are too many improbably high scoring matches – draws and clean sheets are infrequent.

Results generally seem far more random than they do in Football Manager Handheld, for instance. You can beat the league leaders 6-1 one week, then lose to the relegation-doomed whipping boys 7-1 the next.

The controls are also clunkier than on Football Manager – albeit in an endearingly ‘70s manner – and the 2D match simulation does a poor job of indicating where your team's goal is or, er, indicating anything resembling reality. Also, if you get a player injured after you've used both subs, you can't carry on – a fatal flaw.

These niggling flaws detract what should be a compelling trip back to a more innocent era of football. But at just £1.79, how could you resist the chance to put Peter Shilton and Diego Maradona on the same team?

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Championship Manager 70s Legends review

Brilliantly retro, but the ridiculously random results and glitches let it down