It may have been years since any of us have had a run-in with a chalk board, but that's no reason to put you off trying Chalk Ball.

The premise is simple – you must prevent your cheerful little chalk ball biting the duster. You do this by drawing lines on the board for him to bounce off. Simple, yes, but you have a finite amount of chalk to play with.

To make sure your calcium carbonated chum stays alive, you'll have to bounce him off the other, inanimate, balls of chalk to refill and let you keep on scrawling death-cheating squiggles.

There are variations on these powerups – some give you a lot of chalk, some give you a little, while others take it away, speed up your ball, or play with the direction of gravity.

The game is largely a matter of survival, then, so if you're frustrated by repetitive deaths maybe this isn't for you. There are two game modes – Survival and Adventure. Survival goes on ad infinitum as you try to last as long as you can and get the highest score, while Adventure takes you through a number of different scenarios (some with a cryptic backstory which we really didn't grasp) that end with the collection of a star to polish off each level.

There are a number of achievements to be gained, but you'll be awarded most of them purely by accident. For instance, "Don't be sad" for which you simply have to die before collecting any points, and "Binary" for which you die with a score that consists solely of 1s and 0s.

There are even a couple of themes to play with – Pen Ball and 8-bits Ball, of which the former is definitely the more successful. Though we were happy enough with the chalk motif.

If you have the patience and persistence to pick your chalk up and dust yourself off after a fall, then there's much pleasure to be had from this physics-based bounce-a-thon.

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Chalk Ball review

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