Comic-based films can always be relied upon to provide a computer game adaptation, and Captain America is no different. However this iOS version bears little resemblance to the console incarnation, Captain America: Super Soldier, we reviewed last week.

Cap (as his friends call him) loves to run, so run he does. In Sentinel of Liberty he is in constant motion, only pausing for breath when you double tap the screen, which is hardly ever. The control system uses a variety of swipes to point Cap in the desired direction, as well as a shield attack button with extra power attacks added later in the game.

Attacks are initiated via a sequence of swipes, and once you've started the sequence the remaining moves are indicated on screen throughout the game, so at times it can feel as if you haven't finished the tutorial.

The swipe controls feel clumsy at first, with frequent misses stopping Cap in his tracks, but with a bit of practice we soon got a good flow going. Despite this satisfying flow, the game itself is really quite repetitive, and its appeal isn't helped by the low difficulty level – we died only a handful of times throughout the game. Checkpoints are frequent, so thankfully when you do die you won't have much to do again, but the lack of challenge makes it feel like you're just going through the motions. Later levels get more interesting as more complex obstacles like moving lasers, tripwires and steam vents introduce an element of timing not present before.

If so inclined, you can explore levels more thoroughly rather than sprinting through them. You'll find various bits of enemy intel which unlock extra costumes and comic artwork, but nothing that actually helps you in the game itself. The sound, like the gameplay also gets a little repetitive – if we hear him say "Compliments of Uncle Sam" when he takes down a baddy one more time... well, we'll get really annoyed.

If you're a big Captain America fan, then you'll probably be able to forgive some of this game's shortfalls, but otherwise it's a game that struggles to justify its price.

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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty review

Athletic comic book fun, but lacking in variety