If you're looking for pro features in a compact camera, the PowerShot G15 has them in spades. It has an optical viewfinder, can take lens filters and even has a useful hotshoe for connecting an external flash. So we know this is no point-and-shoot but how are the images? 


Is the G15 perfect? Not quite. It's much smaller than its predecessor the G12, and that's led to the odd compromise; as we mentioned there's no dedicated ISO dial or tiltable screen, for starters. But then again this is supposed to be a compact camera, so we won't complain too loudly. 

The Sony RX1 just pips it overall, but if you need a compact to back up your DSLR and demand the likes of a viewfinder and filters, then this Canon should be the one for you. And that's why you'll find it hanging out in our best compact cameras list

Stuff says... 

Canon PowerShot G15 review

Canon has kept the G-series brilliantly pro-friendly while cutting it down in size. Impressive. 
Good Stuff 
Excellent image quality
Optical viewfinder
Pro controls
Bad Stuff 
Chunky design
Fixed screen